Antonietta Meo's letters

Nennolina's letters

Antonietta Meo - Nennolina's lettersHer letters are the mystic itinerary of her very short life. Written in a simple, spontaneous, expressive style, they present a very uncommon highness of thought and a spiritual and theological depth.
In September 1936, when she was ill, she took the habit of dictating her "poems", as she called them, to her mother, addressing them to her parents, her sister, Jesus and the Virgin Mary.
This is how it was that she gave birth to her 19 small expressions of her thoughts, written on the 19 days before her Confirmation, and 162 letters, many of which, written on fly sheets, got lost.
They are conversations-meditations with God the Father, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, full of tenderness, of sweet expressions of love, of deep thoughts on the mysteries of Faith, of persistent wishes of receiving the Eucharist, of offers of her pain to Jesus for the salvation of the souls.
Antonietta Meo - Nennolina's lettersThey mirror her feelings of intimate communion with her addressees, they contain her story and prayers, they testify her way of living and give us a chance to reflect.
Her mother, loyal and respectful secretary, wrote down with extreme precision everything Nennolina dictated, but she didn't consider these letters very important and carelessly put them away.

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